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My heart owns a doubt.

I'm kind of throwing my work balls into the air and waiting to see…

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Doctor Who-colors of the rainbow.
I'm kind of throwing my work balls into the air and waiting to see where they fall. I'm fed up with my incompetent manager, don't like the direction our company is taking us, and though I'm afraid of moving somewhere else...I'm willing to take the risk. Putting out some applications and seeing if I get any bites. Won't truly go aggressive until I feel like I have to escape ASAP.

Loving my shows, lately, though I'm unsure how I feel about Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Should I watch?

I've had a lot of recommendations for me to watch Arrow. My only real objection is Katie Cassidy. I'm sure she's a lovely person (I'm just saying this so I don't seem hateful), but I do not think she is talented. Every role I've ever seen her in (from Gossip Girl to Supernatural to movies) has been grating for me. What say ye?
  • Katie Cassidy is AWFUL on Arrow, but she's forgettable enough because all the other characters on the show are awesome. I still recommend it, and just ignore her when she's on the screen, like I do.

    I'm kinda where you are with TVD and the Originals. I don't usually resort to character hate but I just can't handle Elena anymore. Ugh. I hope it's better this season.

    Good luck with work! HUGS
    • I love Nina Dobrev, but the writing for Elena is so horrible. Literally, half the time I forget that the same actress plays Katherine too because Katherine has so much passion and life, and Elena is written so stiff and bland!

      I should say good luck to you! I hope jerky boss was just a fluke and not a sign of things to come.
      • Yes, exactly. Katherine is one of my favorite characters too, so I really don't know what's going on with Elena.
        Definitely the writing.

        Thanks! I think it was just him. *sigh* I'm just not blessed with jobs with compassionate bosses.
  • I think seeing what lands is a great idea. It's always easier finding the next job / step when you're not under absolute pressure to leave your current situation. When/if you do have to escape ASAP, you tend to take the first thing that seems remotely palatable - which may or may not be the right job or next step.

    Arrow is good! I'm not a fan of KC either but she's balanced out by other great interactions - Ollie and Felicity and Diggle for a start. Give it a go!
  • I love Arrow. Stephen Amell is extremely hot and talented. I love the character of Felicity, too. (Most of the fic I read these days is between their characters.) Plus, John Barrowman is on it!

    I'm going to keep watching The Vampire Diaries to see how it goes, but I won't be watching The Originals unless I get bored. I never really cared for Klaus so I don't need a show where he's the main character.
  • I've heard good things about Arrow, too. It's on my list of series to acquire.

    Beauty and the Beast was a massive let down for me
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