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My heart owns a doubt.

Beautiful lady, I've got your baby...

Beautiful lady, I've got your baby...

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Peep-Billie glows.

I've got your fire...

I bought a car. It's a 2012 VW Beetle. I like it. It's the nicest thing I've ever owned. And someone has already scratched it. *head/desk* (I'm not angry, I'm sad. Why can't I have nice things too?)

Nana is healing, though it is stressful for everyone. She's having some problems with depression right now since she can't really do anything, and when people in my family get depressed we lash out. We come off as very angry and mean, and dealing with that is stressing me the frak out right now. She's not bad all the time, but there are times when I want to just walk away.

This has been a big year for me. New house, new car, new promotion; car accident, heart stint for Nana, work stress for me. It's been up and down, again and again. I've weathered it, but it's been hard. I'm hoping next year is more even.

I've already decided my new year resolution is going to be not to use my credit cards. I tend to get myself in trouble near the end of the year, so I want to avoid that this year by living strictly on my budget. (I know I might have to use them for emergencies but I'm resolved to have it ONLY be for emergencies.)

Has anyone else decided what their resolutions will be?
  • Congrats on the new car! I feel your pain regarding the scratch. Three weeks after I bought my car someone changed lanes into me. For 5 years I took the same route home in my old car and three weeks in the new one and I got all scratched up.

    I really hope next year is better for you.

    I don't do resolutions anymore. If I'm going to make changes in my life, it's not going to be just because the calendar changed. (That sounds much snarkier than I intended.)
    • It'll be an easy fix, it's just the principle of the matter! Ruuuuude people.

      Lol, that's not snarky. That's smart.

      I think I'm just using it as a crutch to kick off the changes I want to do. A clean slate, if you will. (I've also dedicated 2014 as the year I actually start original writing again. I want to get published, even if it is me self publishing. My goal is to write a 70k novel/short story this coming year. I already have a few ideas and I've begun fleshing them out. I want to do what I love, and I love to write. I'm going to make the time to do it.)
      • That's a great goal.

        I suppose that if I were going to have a resolution it would be to write more next year. I think the only writing I did in 2013 was on 2 crossover fics that aren't finished, so un-posted.
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